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Executive Certificate in Fashion Marketing & Merchandising Management

Merchandisers are in great demand in the apparel sector and one of the best paid job opportunities for a young person with an eye for detail, the knack for follow-up and of course good English!

Merchandisers usually work in a plush environment, need a lot of energy and enthusiasm and enjoys meeting people. GIMI, with a history of 28 years has produced over 5,000 Merchandisers who occupy top positions in the apparel world. As the Course Content suggests, this is perhaps the only course of study available to learn the A→ Z of Merchandising with a strong blend of Fashion Marketing.

GIMI welcomes new comers as well as those who have work experience and the desire to change careers to a fast paced highly paid exciting job!.

Fashion Marketing
1. Introduction to Marketing
2. Fashion Marketing
3. Fashion Branding
4. Fashion Planning, Analysis & Forecasting
5. Marketing & Promotional Strategies
6. Sales & Retail Management

Merchandising Management
1. Role of a Merchandiser
2. Merchandising in the Apparel Industry
3. Merchandising in Practice
4. Re – Production Planning
5. Capacity Planning
6. Order Planning & Progressing
7. Order Scheduling & Monitoring
8. Order Costing
9. Consumption Calculations
10. Fabrics & Accessories
11. Product Development
12. Import & Export Procedures
13. Documentation & Bills Negotiation
14. Professional Development for Merchandiser
15. Merchandising & Productivity
16. Managing the Supply Chain
17. KRAs & KPIs for a Merchandiser

Commencement   : Sunday, 19th December   

Total Duration      : 06 months 

Medium               : English 

Time                   : 8.45 am to 1.30 pm 

Entry Requirement : Two Passes for G.C.E (A/L)

                              OR One year work experience

                              OR Any other Qualification deemed equivalent to the above


Course Fee           : 

Registration fee : Rs. 7,500 + Initial Payment : Rs. 25,000 + Monthly Fee : Rs. 10,000 x 5 

Guaranteed Internship Training for Non Working Students 


Reservations: Please call 077 2204101 - 071 2724425


Download: Course brochure