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Executive Certificate in Sample Room Management

Executive Certificate in Sample Room Management

Sample Room fulfils a critical function in an apparel factory. Managing the Sample Room effectively and efficiently is important to ensure sourcing of orders as well as making the buyers happy. This Executive Certificate course has been designed to provide managerial leadership to the samplemaking team and to ensure samples are efficiently produced to meet the customer’s quality and
timeliness specifications.

Course Content

  1. Challenges of sample making
  2. How to read and understand a customer tech pack/ Spec sheet
  3. Life cycle of sample making from pattern making to sample dispatch
  4. TNA (Time & Action Calendar) of a new order
  5. Sampling types, stages and purposes: Proto sample, Design & 
        Marketing samples, Fit samples, PP sample, Counter sample,
        Advertising samples, Showroom samples
  6. Size trial (Mostly sewn in factory)
  7. Sample dispatching requirements
  8. Product identification and basic requirements
  9. Manpower and machine requirement calculations
  10. Cost of sample making
  11. Incentive scheme development for sample making
  12. Understanding Customer communications
  13. Sample room efficiency calculation
  14. Advance technology available for pattern making and sampling
  15. Leading the Sample Team

Duration                   : 4 Months

Medium                    : Mixed ( English/Sinhala )

                  : Every Sunday from 9.00am to 1.30pm

Commencement       : Please call -  077 324 9921, 077 220 4101

Entry Requirements : Two Passes for G.C.E (A/L) OR One year work experience OR
                                    Any other Qualification deemed equivalent to the above. 

Easy Payment Plan  :

                                  Registration Fees : Rs. 7,500
                                  Course Fee : Initial Payment (1st month) : Rs. 12,000 +
                                  3 Instalments : Rs. 10,000 X 3 
(2nd  month, 3rd month & 4th month )

Reservations           : Please call -  077 324 9921, 077 220 4101


Download: Course Brochure