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GIMI Vocational Certificate in Quality Control and Quality Assurance

This course is designed for Q/C Staff, Machine Operators / Helpers and those directly engaged in production operations to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency at work.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Quality
  • Importance of Quality in Garment Manufacturing
  • Introduction to Fabric, Thread and Needles
  • Relevance of machine parts and attachments to quality improvement
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Fabric Inspection Methods
  • Basic understanding of control charts
  • Types of Defects (Fabric / Machine / Handling / Environment)
  • Analysing defects and re-correction methods ( pattern defects, material laying defects, cutting defects, bundling and numbering defects, fusing  defects, sewing defects, ironing and packing defects.)
  • Defects arising from handling and environmental issues (stains)
  • Sewing defects and prevention methods (puckering, breaking of sewing thread, broken stitches, skip stitches, loose stitches, breaking of needle)
  • Washing Defects and how to prevent such defects
  • Defect Zone Identification
  • Traffic Light System for Process Control
  • Inspection Planning & AQL Inspection
  • Quality Assurance Procedures in Garment Manufacturing
  • Quality Assurance Methods and Techniques
  • Accessories in garment manufacturing & Quality Assurance techniques
  • Final checking and Quality Audit
  • Measurement of various Garment Styles
  • Developing a quality discipline – 5S Practices
  • Quality, Cost and Waste

Click here to download the Sinhala Version 

For whom:

  • For Q/C Staff, Machine Operators, Helpers and those directly engaged in Production Operations
  • For school leavers planning to join the Apparel Industry

Commencement   : Sunday, 15th January

Duration               : 03 months 

Medium                : Sinhala

Time                     : 9.00am to 1.00 pm 

Course Fee           : 

Registration Fee      : Rs. 5,000 + 

Course Fee             : Rs. 12,500 ( to be paid at the course commencment) 

Reservations           : Please call -  077 324 9921, 077 220 4101