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Certificate in Pattern Making & Grading

Certificate in Pattern Making & Grading

This course provides an in-depth knowledge of technical skills that is essential in the pattern making and grading department in the garment industry.


Course Speciality

  • Guaranteed internship training for students below 24 years during or upon completion of the course.
  • Students will obtain overall knowledge of different departments in the Garment Industry whilst this course will be useful for the development of their career.
  • In-depth knowledge that is essential to be a professional Pattern maker.
  • Local and International career opportunities in the Garment Industry and Buying Offices.
  • Knowledge to develop individual business opportunities.


Course Content

Introduction to Pattern Production

  • The Basic Principles of Pattern Production
  • Identification of tools and equipment used in Pattern Cutting & Grading
  • Body Measurement Procedures and measuring positions and guides for taking measurements
  • Construction of Basic Block Draft on Shirts, T- shirts and Jackets
  • Development of Production Pattern Sets
  • Construction of Basic Skirts Blocks
  • Pattern Development of different styles of Skirts (Pleated, Panel & Flared)
  • Construction of Basic Block Draft on Pants and Shorts
  • Construction of Basic Bodies Blocks, Darts and Dart Manipulation
  • Construction of Different types of Sleeves and Sleeve Styling
  • Pattern Grading Techniques and Principles of Grading Patterns
  • Pattern Drafting and Grading for manufacturing specifications
  • How to start a fashion boutique 


Duration:   4 Months

Medium :   Mixed (English/Sinhala)

Study options : 

Kurunegala Batch : 

Commencement  ( 140 Batch): Saturday,11th May 2024

Schedule :   1st and 2nd Month : Course Work Learning: 9.00 am to 4.30pm and

                    3rd and 4th Month : Guided Practical Learning


Entry Requirements :

GCE (O/L)  OR Six months work experience in the apparel industry

Easy Payment Plan :
Registration Fees       : Rs. 7,500
Course Fee               : Initial Payment (1st Month) : Rs. 10,000 + 3 Instalments : Rs. 10,000 X 3 (2nd Month, 3rd Month and 4th Month)

A Social Security Contribution Levy (SSCL) of 2.5 % would be charged on all above fees. 

On successful completion of the course, students are awarded with a Certificate which is highly recognized in the Garment Industry for employment.

Reservations: Please call - 077 3249 921 / 076 0962 407 / 076 0960 809