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Certificate in Work Study - Online

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  • Online mode includes live lectures, downloadable recordings of lectures, study packs, academic articles and other relevant video clips that will enrich and enhance the effectiveness of learning.

  • Programme delivery and assessments are conducted online only

Every garment factory strives to improve its efficiency and productivity in order to facilitate profitability and growth. Work-Study is a critical strategy to achieve these goals. Therefore knowledge of Work Study is essential for all production and planning staff.

What areas in production management can we make more effective and efficient with application of Work study?

- Layout Development

- Setting of Targets

- Line Balancing

- Target Monitoring

- Costing

- Sub Contract Planning

- Production Scheduling

- Bundle Systems

- Manpower Allocation

- Attachment Usage

- Machine Development

The course has been designed to enable the participants to gain a comprehensive knowledge in Work Study and its applications. The course is ideally suitable for:

Work Study personnel and those aspiring to be in Work Study

Production staff interested in advancing their careers

Planning & Merchandising staff eager to make a greater contribution to the institution. 

Course Content

Introduction to Work Study

Work Study & Productivity
Working Conditions & Environment
Skill Inventorying & Skill Development Planning

Method Study
Professional Approach to Method Study
Detailed & Systematic Process of Method Improvement
Work Floor Improvements
Work Place Improvements
Principles of Motion Economy
Method Improvement in Office
Handling & Transportation

Line Balancing
Pitch Time & Control Limit Calculation
Layout Planning 

Work Measurement
Techniques of Work Measurement

Time Study Procedures
Calculation of S. M. V.
Pre Determined Time Motion Systems
G. S. D.
Sew Easy
Work Sampling (Activity Sampling)

Work Study Calculations
SMV & Target Determination

Efficiency Calculations
Capacity Determination
Manpower and Machine Requirements
Production Planning 

Duration              : 4 Months

Medium              : Mixed ( English/Sinhala )

Schedule             : 2 days per week - Friday and Saturday from 8.00 pm to 10.15 pm Sri Lanka Time 

Commencement    :  

Entry Requirements:  GCE (O/L) including Maths & English and Six months work experience in the apparel industry 

Easy Payment Plan :

Registration Fees : Rs. 7,500 and

Course Fee          : Initial Payment (1st month) : Rs. 10,000 + 10,000  x 3 Instalments = Rs. 40,000

Social Security Contribution Levy (SSCL) of 2.5 % would be charged on all above fees. 


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